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Why Do Indus Hemp Trade Association support Hemp farming

India has successfully marked its imprints in the agriculture and farming sector. As per statistics suggested by Wikipedia, India ranks second worldwide in farm outputs. But have you wondered what if there is a growing advancement in the agriculture sector waiting for successful growth?

With Industrial Hemp this advancement is possible. It is one of the high yielding crops that give effective agriculture results, along with a great economy.

Hemp Plant: The New Advancement

Hemp is one of the natural fibers, and its seeds are organically rich in proteins. Hemp Plant is also known as Industrial Hemp, and it is a variety of Cannabis sativa with multiple benefits to the agriculture and farming sector.

Why use Industrial Hemp Fiber?

To understand its importance, first, it is important to burst the bubbles of myths that revolve around Hemp fiber.

The majority of people confuse Hemp fiber with Marijuana which shows psychoactive effects in humans. Both of the fibers have THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content, but they both are not the same. Hemp fiber

shows 0.3% of THC, which is of no harm. Moreover, it is used to make products like clothes, oil, paper, etc. While on the other hand, Marijuana is used for medical and recreational purposes and have intoxication properties with more than 0.3% TCH content.

This new way of understanding is necessary to incorporate the cultivation of Industrial Hemp for numerous benefits.

Five Reasons why Hemp Cultivation is important?

Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres in the world. It was originated in Central Asia and then spread out to the rest of Europe. Hemp fibre is grown in not so cold or hot temperatures. These crops require crumbly and sandy soil for their further growth.


Hemp Fibre is one of the commercial crops. It is used in the manufacturing of clothes, shoes, bags and insulating purposes. Hemp fibre is also used as edible oil, which is not similar to Marijuana. Hemp oil is also used in the cosmetic industry and have medicational properties too. It is used to cure acne and act as a painkiller.


Hemp Fibre is one of the high yielding crops which is biodegradable. It is helpful in eliminating carbon from the atmosphere that makes it environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is obtained organically and is useful in farming.


Hemp Fibre is one of the rarest crops that help the soil to rejuvenate back. Unlike other crops, it does not require much water; hence, it is a cheaper expense.


Hemp Fibre is helpful to obtain a paper that has strong and superior quality. They do not require bleaching. For its growth, only little fertilizers are used.


Hemp Production is higher in China and France produces a quarter of it, if it is used by India, then it could be beneficial in the economy.

At IHTA (Indus Hemp Trade Association), we support sustainable development goals. Our main development is to promote the cultivation of Hemp Fibre that can bring numerous benefits to the environment.

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As a member of the Indus Hemp Trade Association, I wholeheartedly support hemp farming for various reasons. Firstly, hemp cultivation promotes sustainable agriculture practices, which are crucial for our environment. Additionally, hemp is a versatile crop with numerous applications ranging from textiles to biofuels, making it a valuable asset for farmers. Moreover, hemp is rich in nutrients, including essential fatty acids and protein, which can contribute to a balanced diet and potentially address health concerns such as Vitamin D deficiency Dubai. This multi-faceted approach aligns with our association's commitment to promoting holistic solutions for both environmental and health-related challenges.


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Noah James
Noah James
Dec 28, 2023

The Indus Hemp Trade Association supports hemp farming for several reasons, aligning with the global recognition of hemp as a versatile and sustainable resource. However, it's important to distinguish the advocacy for hemp farming from the notion of pay someone to do my online course. While supporting hemp farming involves backing an eco-friendly and economically viable initiative, paying someone to take an online course raises ethical concerns related to academic integrity.


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Musab hasan
Jan 18, 2023

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